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Working out your ideal weight



Working out your ideal weight as a triathlete FREE with thetrimarket

Working out your ideal weight as a triathlete FREE with thetrimarket

Working out the ideal weight and determining how it impacts on your performance is key to optimising your race results. Simply divide your weight in pounds (kilograms) by your height in inches (centimetres).

The typical high-performance male triathlete is in the range of 2.1 to 2.3 pounds per inch (0.38-0.41 kg/cm) with high-performance female triathletes generally being 1.9 to 2.1 pounds per inch (0.34-0.38 kg/cm).

This doesn’t mean that you under-perform if above these common ranges. It simply means that you must also have a higher-than-normal power output per pound (kilogram) to overcome the greater weight!

Reducing your excess body weight and the weight of your bike and running shoes will potentially pay off with faster race times. But there’s risk associated with such weight reductions. If you lose muscle, especially the muscles that are used for swimming, biking or running, you are likely to be slower.

Of course, for riding a bike on a flat road or indoor trainer (regardless if the front wheel is raised or not) and for swimming, mass is not critical. The tug of gravity on your body and equipment is not as great. In fact a big triathlete riding a bike on a flat course is generally faster than a small triathlete, since being big usually means having more power. That’s why if your weight is above the pounds-per-inch ranges suggested above it’s best to select flat race
courses when possible!

To see how you rate, simply download this free ideal weight triathlon calculator

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