Vittoria Diamante Pro Radial 700c x 22c


Diamante Pro Radial


Vittoria has expanded its nylon casing technology with radial casing.

Radial casing is the premium of nylon casing technology, exclusive to Vittoria’s Diamante tyres.

In conventional casing, the cords overlap diagonally to the direction of travel, causing more friction between the two plies, different to conventional casing, the cord plies of radial casing are set at 85deg to the direction of travel (from bead to bead) making that the cords deform freely as the tyre flexes.

Due to the direction of the cords, the tyre gains flexibility, resulting in more comfort and grip. Due to this, the width of the tyre is reduced by 1mm making it a lighter, more aerodynamic and therefore faster tyre.

**Diamante Pro Radial**

Diamante Pro is an Elite racing tyre in our advanced, light and flexible 220 TPI Nylon Plus casing. A highly-studied, modern tread design, very light weight, bead-to-bead flat protection, and secure handling set the bar for race-tyre performance, light weight, fast and comfortable.

Fast-rolling slick tread centre, with grip pattern at shoulders, 220 TPI nylon casing for comfort at up to 10 bar(145psi)

* Bead Type: Folding
* Casing Technology: Corespun 320 TPI
* Tread Technology: Twin Tread
* Tread Compound: Isogrip SC
* Puncture Protection: PRB 2.0
* Pressure 100/145 psi
* 700 x 22c 195g
* 700 x 24c 210g

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