Vittoria Diamante Pro Light 700c x 25c Blk


Diamante Pro Light


Diamante Pro Light is an elegant, all-black racing slick for sustained speed on known-good roads.

This 220 TPI tyre shaves a few grams off the Pro version, can take a little more pressure, and has the latest puncture-resistant belt.

Just 170g in 23mm size, 185g in 25mm!

Bead-to-bead slick tread for outright speed

Flexible 220 TPI casing takes up to 11 bar inflation

* Bead Type: Folding
* Casing Technology: Nylon Plus 220 TPI
* Tread Compound: Kevlar Si02
* Tread Technology: Slick
* Puncture Protection: PRB 2.0
* 700c x 23 115/160 psi 170g
* 700c x 25 100/145 psi 185g

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