Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset

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The Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset at just 1680 grams per set puts lightning on your bike. On a rolling triathlon course, wide open criterium or circuit course, the deeper rim picks up speed quickly, builds momentum, maintains speed and motors the rider forward. The Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset with its deeper profile handles well in windy conditions and tight turns. Available in clincher only.



Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset from thetrimarket

The engineers in the Reynolds composite studio have given the Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset the nickname, “The Kona Wheel”. This mid-depth wheel truly combines the benefits of the 58 and the 90, and is ideal for a triathlete on a rolling course, as well as a criterium racer. The Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset picks up speed quickly, building momentum and propelling the rider forward, yet can handle windy conditions better than its deep-dish sibling, the 90mm. DET graces the rider with better cornering, decreased rolling resistance, and a more comfortable ride.

The 72 AERO taps into the sweet spot of wheel depths. Whether on a rolling or wide open flat TT or Triathlon course the deeper rim picks up speed quickly, builds momentum, maintains speed and motors forward. With it’s superior control in cross winds the 72 AERO will be the sharpest arrow in your quiver.

Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset Specification:

  • Rim Material: Carbon
  • Weight: Set: 1675g, Rim: 600g
  • Width: External: 26.2 mm, Internal: 16 mm
  • Rim Depth: 72 mm
  • Braking: CTg****
  • Design: Computational Fluid Dynamics: A2 Wind Tunnel Verified
  • Spokes: 16 front / 20 rear
  • Spoke Pattern: Front: Radial Rear Non Drive: 2X Rear Drive: 2X
  • Spoke Material: DT aerolite¨
  • Spoke Shape: Bladed
  • Nipples: Internal 5mm Hex x 2.0
  • Hub: Reynolds Racing Design Straight-pull with DT Swiss 240 Internalsh DT 240 Internals
  • New Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads: Included
  • Wheel Bag: Included
  • Compability: Shimano / SRAM / Campagnolo

To read more about the Reynolds 72 AERO Wheelset click here.

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Shimano/SRAM, Campagnolo



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