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thetrimarket - the triathlon coaching and triathlon retail specialists

How do I contact thetrimarket?

The best way to contact thetrimarket should be through email via the enquiry form below. We will respond to your query as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Otherwise address any correspondence to our registered office address.

There are no facilities for customer personal collections or returns at this address – it is our registered office address. Please do not attempt to hand deliver any returns to this address, unless you have contacted us previously. If you need to return any items please in the first instance contact us via the enquiry form below.

What if I have a complaint about thetrimarket?

thetrimarket is run by people who are passionate about triathlon – we live and breath triathlon – hence we will not allow you to become dissatisfied with us. If you have any complaint, criticism or concern about any service provided by thetrimarket, just contact us at the address below or preferably by the enquiry form below. We will acknowledge your concern within 24 hours and offer a resolution within one week.



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